Tree Services in Anniston, AL

Tree Services in Anniston, AL

We offer a range of tree care and removal services in Anniston, AL. You can opt to utilize our service for a single project or sign up for a maintenance plan. We have the expertise, manpower, and equipment to complete the job safely and quickly. You can trust the tree removal experts at Randy’s Tree Service to deliver high-quality tree trimming, pruning, and removal services.

Areas of Service

Tree Removal

Our certified and bonded arborists will safely remove your diseased, hazardous, or damaged tree by incorporating industry safety standards and utilizing well-maintained and insured equipment. You can trust us to get the job done, safely and quickly.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

With over a decade of tree pruning and trimming experience, you can rely on Randy’s Tree Service, experienced and certified arborists, to prune and trim the trees on your property. We will safely remove unhealthy or protruding limbs from your tree and clear any debris in the space below the tree.

Residential Tree Services

Tree Planting and Transplanting

If you have a tree or trees on your property that you would like to safely transplant to another area of your property, you can trust the experts at Randy’s Tree Service to assist you.

Our experienced team will come to your property to conduct an assessment of the health of the tree as well as the soil conditions of the new location, to ensure that the tree will thrive in its new location. Our certified aphorists will then safely remove the tree from the soil while ensuring not to damage any roots before we transplant the tree to its new location.

If you would like to plant new trees on your property, we will assess the soil conditions to ensure which tree would be best suited to your property and work with you at each step of the process, from tree selection to planting. Our goal is to make sure that your tree will thrive on your property.

Tree Health Inspection and Treatment

Are you concerned that your trees may be diseased or dying? Allow the experts at Randy’s Tree Service to conduct an assessment of the health of your trees and formulate a treatment plan for your trees. At Randy’s Tree Service, our approach to tree health is a combination of preventative and therapeutic treatments. This allows us to provide your trees with everything the tree needs to flourish and thrive.

Stump Removal

Our tree care specialists will safely and quickly remove tree stumps from your property using well-maintained equipment that meets all international safety standards. We also offer stump grinding services where we grind down the wood to kill the root system.

Land Clearing

We have the equipment and manpower to clear any debris off your property and discard it safely.

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